Why Does WordPress Power 27% of the Internet?

Why Does WordPress Power 27% Of The Internet?

Why do you think so many users love WordPress? There is a reason it powers 27% of the internet.
First, it is because it’s fully customizable and there are so many great themes and plugins out there to do exactly what your business needs.

This saves you a significant amount of money because don’t have to constantly code a new feature and maintain that feature and the site. Plugins are programmed by programmers around the world. It’s been a gamechanger for websites!

But this all comes with a price!

Too many options can be paralyzing.

There is also a learning curve to WordPress and WooCommerce and Magento and many business owners are hacking code together or spending hours on YouTube watching how-to WordPress videos when they should be pouring their passion and time into big-picture activities to grow their business.

There’s also the problem of finding and getting the reliable help that can get your website changes, fixes, or changes/updates/deletions done whenever you have them. Often these changes cost you every time you make a change. Not to mention the problems that can arise from core software, theme, and plugin updates that occur every two months that need to be carefully managed to make sure your site doesn’t break or get hacked in the future.

That’s why we created WordPress Support. We have seen so many people who had huge potential as entrepreneurs, but they got stuck in the technical details of building and managing their website. Plus, when they did hire help – they often ended up spending way too much.

Our purpose in forming WordPress Support is to end the confusion and wasted money that businesses go through with their websites and provide an excellent cost-contained all-in-one solution for them that is always here for them to get their website how they want it.

Want to save money and solve all your problems? You can check out our plans here and get started today

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