WORDPRESS 5.0 is here!

WordPress 5.0 is now here!

WordPress 5.0 comes with Guttenberg loaded and ready for you to use editing your sites. However, if you want to use the traditional way of editing your WordPress, install the Classic Editor plugin and activate it. This will by-pass Gutenberg and allow you to manage your WordPress the way you always did.

WordPress has emerged in recent years to become one of the most popular CMS technologies on the internet, powering an estimated 75 million websites. The 5.0 update marks the first major version number change since September 2014, when WordPress 4.0 was released. The WordPress 4.x product line was last updated on Aug. 2 with WordPress 4.9.8, which developers tagged as a maintenance release.

The open-source WordPress.org project enables anyone to freely download and use software, while the WordPress.com website is one of many hosted options for users who want a WordPress-powered website.

Block-Based Editing

The way that the new Gutenberg editor works is that every piece of content is defined as a block. The block is a wrapper of sorts that enables new positioning and control capabilities in a visual approach.

Remember, if you choose to use Gutenberg’s default editor, it will rewrite your code to today’s most current style of coding. Where this can break a theme is if the theme used very specific block coding for creating parallax bands of color or background images or full-width backgrounds to make the site more beautiful, Gutenberg could rewrite it and ‘break’ the code.

As a safety-net, install the Classic Editor plugin and keep your site rolling along working perfectly.

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