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  • 1. WordPress Fixing/changing
  • 2. WordPress Image creation
  • 3. WordPress Creation of new site
  • 4. WordPress Management
  • 5. WordPress Performance Optimization
  • 6. WordPress Content Writing
  • 7. WordPress Emergency Care
  • 8. WordPress Consultation
  • 9. WordPress Page/Post Changes
  • 10.WordPress Menu Changes
  • 11.WordPress Security Hardening
  • 12.WordPress SEO validation
  • 13.WordPress Plugin Conflict Repair
  • 14.WordPress Emergency Care (PROPLUS plans only}
  • 15.Hosting Issue (ssl, mail, outage)

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Task Request

Submit a new task request to our experts 24/7. You will be given a daily email report of work completed on your behalf. Depending on your plan, this request will be completed in the time allotted by your choice of plans. Only existing plan holders with valid plans activated may use this form. Note: All other submissions are subject to being sent a free quote for requested services and payment must be received before work will be started. Have a question about our tasks?

Use the Change Order Plan

  1. Changes to your plan (upgrade or downgrade or cancellation of your service)
  2. Changes to your page menu(s)
  3. Changes to your site layout or style or function
  4. Changes to your hosting provider
  5. Changes to your payment method
  6. Change to a new site to replace existing site