Social Media Means More Customers

Create an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy!

Knowing your audience is the first step to creating your social media marketing strategy. Setting clear business goals is the second.

After all, you can’t measure the success of your social media marketing unless you know what you’re trying to achieve.

“It’s easy to spend a ton of time posting, liking and commenting, and in return have little to show for it,” said Cyril Lemaire, managing director of digital marketing agency Traktek Partners. “Think about why you’re engaging in social media for your company.” Source: Manta Marketing

Examples of goals you might achieve with social media marketing:

Building awareness of your business
Establishing A Brand for your business
Educating your customer about increased value building
Getting feedback or suggestions from customers
Having customers review your business or recommend it to others
Promoting sales, specials or seasonal events
Driving more traffic to your website
Generating phone calls to your business
Collecting email addresses for your email marketing

Once you set your goals, you can track whether your social media accounts are helping you to reach those goals.

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