Why your page speed matters

The speed of your website downloading time really matters

As page load time goes from one to seven seconds, the probability of a visitor bouncing increases 113%.

You can literally lose visitors in 4 seconds.

One factor is the speed of cellular connections globally. According to Google.com, 70% of cellular network connections globally will occur at 3G or slower speeds through 2020.

No matter what, faster is better and less is more.

And sometimes, leaner is better too. We found that 70% of pages were over 1MB, 36% over 2MB and 12% over 4MB. That’s enormous for a single mobile page, given that 1.49MB takes seven seconds to load using a fast 3G connection.7 One image, in particular, caught our attention: It weighed a whopping 16MB.

But despite the bad news, there’s plenty of low-hanging fruit. Simply compressing images and text can be a game changer—30% of pages could save more than 250KB that way. Our analysis shows that the automotive, technology, and business and industrial market sectors have the most room for improvement.

If you are suffering from slow mobile speed and bloated site content, you need a professional site analysis.

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