Myths about WordPress Hosting


There are several myths about WordPress hosting you need to be aware of.

Myth 1. The cheaper the hosting the better.
You may think you are getting a bargain but low-priced hosting has one goal: to put you among hundreds or even thousands of other websites on the same server. In other words, to maximize the profit of each server. These servers are too often old-style servers that are a dime a dozen. Thus, the server has to spin to get to the data. And with all the bandwidth and server processors tied to all those other sites, your site performance will never be great. Neither will your security.

Myth 2. They claim to host WordPress but do not use SSD servers. Any host can offer what is popularly called “one-click” WordPress installation. The real test of a great host is if it truly gives you SSD or Solid State Drive hosting. That’s where real speed comes from.

Myth 3. Because they have a big budget to advertise, they must be good. Hosting is a big business. Many hosts spend thousands to keep a regular flow of customers requesting hosting. However, the bigger the hosting company, the less effective is the site performance because of all your IP neighbors. Neither is their support instant. The simply have too many customers waiting to be served.

Myth 4. Because they say they are WORDPRESS hosting only, that makes them better than the others. Not necessarily. Example: sells exclusively WordPress hosting. Yet, its speed test shows that it is one of the slowest WordPress hosting groups both in 2016 and 2017.

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