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Want to have a great site built for you?

Here’s why you should partner with WordPress Support.
As a client your flat monthly fee covers thirteen very important services:
1. Complete site creation- no additional charge – (a $600-to $5000 value)
2. Managed Hosting of your WordPress site -no additional charge – (a $19.95 per month or $239.40 annual value)
3. Complete WordPress Managed Support (Theme, Plugins, and OS updating in real time as needed) – no additional charge – (a 19.95 per month or $218 annual value)
4. WordPress SEO content testing and analysis to help you rank high in Google – no additional charge ( a $250 value)
5. WordPress Optimization of images and database to give your site better performance and faster downloads – no additional charge (a $250 value)
6. WordPress hardening; 100% secure passwords and regular changing of the password; hiding of the WP-login link so no hacker can try to login or change password – no additional charge – (a $300 value)
7. Unlimited Change Requests – no additional charge – ( a $50 value per change 20 changes $1000 value)
8. Unlimited New Task Requests – no additional charge – (a $25 value per change 20 changes $500 value)
9. Repurposing existing social media brand assets to increase the ROI that they generate -no additional charge – (a $500 value)
10. WordPress fixes ( unlimited no additional charge) – (a $150 average cost to repair a broken WordPress 2 repairs a year is a $300 value)
11. WordPress content writing to improve your copy for better SEO or Marketing Engagement (unlimited -no additional charge -(a $50 per page value 10 page $500 value)
12. Free SSL Certificate – no additional charge – (a $149 per year value)
13. Website analysis and web presence marketing effectiveness consultation – no additional charge – (a $175 value)


Pay as you go! (the traditional method of web service)
Pay $19.95 or $239.45 hosting; pay $450 -$1500to rebuild an older site; pay $300-$1000 to increase your internet footprint and average $50-$100 for major changes to a page; $25 per simple edit to a page meaning, the conventional method of item by item billing could easily will run costs upwards of over $1500-10,000 over a year of making changes to schedules or galleries of images or edits to page content or new pages.


Effectively, our new process today costs you a flat fee each month that will give you over $4000 worth of value-added services. You will be saving $2738.45 while gaining all of these beneficial support services at no additional charge.


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