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Our developers have over 60 years experience and will not treat you as most web development companies do! How can you tell the pros from the others? Here’s how the pros do:

1. ) No DNS “A-record” until site is complete*,
2. ) Website SEO/ranking pre-testing readiness before delivery*,
3. ) Follow the “Ten Commandments to a Proper Web Page”*,
4. ) Put you on the fastest hosting servers available*,
5. ) Include the cost of a “Privacy and Term of Service” in the affordable development cost*,
6. ) Don’t try to keep milking you for more funds*,
7. ) Keep everything truly professional*.

No two sites are the same. We start with your idea, your goals, your desires and color preferences. We gather all the needed content from your business or assigned copywriters. We then work in the LAMP mode so that you and I can see the site before Google does. We can even do the building of your social media infrastructure and place the needed external ads to help boost your new traffic. All before Google knows about your site. Then, when everything is in place, we launch your new site registering it with Goggle so that instantly the recognition of your site as real gets you the best possible listing.

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1.) No DNS Till the Site is Ready Setting the DNS lets Google scan your site immediately and you are penalized 18 months if the site is not complete. Companies setting the DNS either are ignorant of how to develop without the “A Record” or know this but want to charge ranking and promotional fees for the next 18 months. Pros only set the DNS after the site is ready and you have approved it for release.

2.) SEO Readiness Most development companies deliberately do not pre-test SEO readiness, so they can sell this as an “Add-On” to the package they just sold you. Pros know the confusion and “advantage” others take due to your ignorance and make sure everything included in the price is explained to you in detail.

3.) Web Rules The “Ten Commandments to a Proper Web Page” is a 1994 publication and the “Web Developers Bible”. Following this separates the pros from all others. This pub shows all the rules necessary for a complete website that will:
1.) Get ranking,
2.) Have “Stickiness”,
3.) Be “truly” responsive,
4.) Have interactiveness.

4.) Fastest Server Hosting Master has the fastest hosting servers available. See speed comparisons at:

5.) All Inclusive We give you, in detail, what you are paying for, upfront. We want “no confusion”, so we are detailed here. There are things that you might want that are not covered by your plan, so we take time to explain all that and put it all in writing. For anything you request, outside your plan, we submit a “Change Order” with the details of what is requested and the costs. You must approve the “Change Order” or that is not done or charged.

6.) No Milking Our “All Inclusive” approach keeps you on top of this development, letting you know we will make no attempt to “sell up”, as most other companies do. We know this will give you “peace of mind”, assure you are “within budget” and promote a healthy relationship with you, so this is why we do it.

7.) Truly Professional Awebstore.com is committed to being “Truly Professional” and so we follow all you see above to ensure this. We know how confusing and difficult this is for you, if you are not an IT professional, so we lay all our cards on the table, and clear up the confusion through our approach, as defined. If you are an IT professional, you see exactly how well we are “keeping it real”.