WORDPRESS 5.0 is here!

WordPress 5.0 is now here!

WordPress 5.0 comes with Guttenberg loaded and ready for you to use editing your sites. However, if you want to use the traditional way of editing your WordPress, install the Classic Editor plugin and activate it. This will by-pass Gutenberg and allow you to manage your WordPress the way you always did.

WordPress has emerged in recent years to become one of the most popular CMS technologies on the internet, powering an estimated 75 million websites. The 5.0 update marks the first major version number change since September 2014, when WordPress 4.0 was released. The WordPress 4.x product line was last updated on Aug. 2 with WordPress 4.9.8, which developers tagged as a maintenance release.

The open-source WordPress.org project enables anyone to freely download and use software, while the WordPress.com website is one of many hosted options for users who want a WordPress-powered website.

Block-Based Editing

The way that the new Gutenberg editor works is that every piece of content is defined as a block. The block is a wrapper of sorts that enables new positioning and control capabilities in a visual approach.

Remember, if you choose to use Gutenberg’s default editor, it will rewrite your code to today’s most current style of coding. Where this can break a theme is if the theme used very specific block coding for creating parallax bands of color or background images or full-width backgrounds to make the site more beautiful, Gutenberg could rewrite it and ‘break’ the code.

As a safety-net, install the Classic Editor plugin and keep your site rolling along working perfectly.


Speeding up WordPress really matters!

Here’s why: WordPress is database-driven. What this means is every element of every object or line of content exists in the database. Therefore, a server has to find all of those elements to present the final view of the browser. Thus, to speed up your WordPress server things have to be considered.

1. TYPE OF SERVER USED: Most hosting companies use traditional SATA drive hosting platforms to drive all of their hosting services. SATA servers spin at a very high speed to locate all of the sectors containing the data needed for a site to display. However, because WordPress is so server-dependent, it performs best when hosted on a true SSD Server. What is an SSD server? It is a Solid State Drive or SSD. In effect, it is a drive that is instantaneously finding the database and presenting it to the browser within microseconds.

2. OPTIMIZATION OF YOUR SITE CONTENT ELEMENTS Websites today use many elements such as images, movies, icons, and written content plus various forms, scripts and other coded elements. Some websites use large blocks of full-width background images or movies. It is critically important for best WordPress performance, to fully optimize your images and your code.

3. GZIPPING IS RECOMMENDED Your hosting server should support gzip compression of the entire website. This one step can cut seconds off your total download time.

4. PHP7 is needed Because WordPress 5.0 is based on PHP7, running it on lower versions of PHP will slow you down. PHP7 is fast. This will speed up your WordPress processing, which in turn decreases your page download time.

These four key considerations are fundamental to running a WordPress at top performance. AWEBSTORE has been proud to have been a WordPress specialty agency for over 11 years. We have learned what it takes to turn out a gorgeous website that downloads in a matter of 1 or 2 seconds faithfully.

Speed does matter. Performance does matter!


Ready for GUTENBERG?

Are you ready to embrace GUTENBERG for WordPress?

Gutenberg is reported to be a take on a new editor for WordPress. It has been named after Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press with movable type more than 500 years ago. The current visual editor requires a lot of us to utilize shortcodes and HTML to make things work.

The current WordPress visual editor hasn’t had many changes over the years and for the most part, has stayed pretty much the same. While this isn’t a bad thing, many think it is time for a change.

Other platforms such as Medium or Ghost provide a really unique and refreshing experience for writers, so why can’t WordPress?

Well, many contributors and volunteers have been working on the new Gutenberg WordPress editor behind the scenes for the past 6+ months. Their goal? To make adding rich content to WordPress simple and enjoyable.

According to a post by Alex Denning’s Kinsta blog:

Pros of Gutenberg WordPress Editor

Here are a few pros we see with the current Gutenberg Editor.

Ditching *some* reliance on TinyMCE is a good thing in our opinion. We would love to see a tighter integration between core, theme developers, plugins, and the editor.

‘Right now WordPress makes you learn a lot of concepts… [Gutenberg lets you] learn it once and use it everywhere.’

For publishers that prefer the newer Medium style editing experience, they are most likely going to love the WordPress Gutenberg editor.
Gutenberg provides a less distracting experience with more screen space.

Blocks are fun to use and the new alignment options are a step forward for larger resolution screens and full-width templated and responsive sites.
Already works great on mobile, and going forward we can actually see people utilizing this a lot more. Need to make a quick edit on your phone while on the go? No problem.

The ability for theme and plugin developers to create their own custom blocks.
Easier to use for beginners.

Another thing that caught our eye was in Gutenberg 0.4.0 they mentioned in their development logs adding an API for handling pasted content. (Aim is to have specific handling for converting Word, Markdown, Google Docs to native WordPress blocks.) This would be amazing. Right now copying from Google Docs to WordPress is completely broken.

Cons of Gutenberg WordPress Editor

And here are a few cons we see in the current Gutenberg editor. Remember, it is still in the testing phase, so a lot of these things will probably be fixed or added.

It is currently missing Markdown support.

While we also listed it being easier to use for beginners, we can also see this as being harder for some to learn.
As of October 2017, Gutenberg does now support meta boxes. However, this is only initial support and it will require developers hopping on board. However, it’s a step in the right direction. You can at least tweak your Yoast SEO settings now. ?


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Pay as you go! (the traditional method of web service)
Pay $19.95 or $239.45 hosting; pay $450 -$1500to rebuild an older site; pay $300-$1000 to increase your internet footprint and average $50-$100 for major changes to a page; $25 per simple edit to a page meaning, the conventional method of item by item billing could easily will run costs upwards of over $1500-10,000 over a year of making changes to schedules or galleries of images or edits to page content or new pages.


Effectively, our new process today costs you a flat fee each month that will give you over $4000 worth of value-added services. You will be saving $2738.45 while gaining all of these beneficial support services at no additional charge.


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What sets us apart from all the others

Here’s what sets us apart from other developers

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Why your page speed matters

The speed of your website downloading time really matters

As page load time goes from one to seven seconds, the probability of a visitor bouncing increases 113%.

You can literally lose visitors in 4 seconds.

One factor is the speed of cellular connections globally. According to Google.com, 70% of cellular network connections globally will occur at 3G or slower speeds through 2020.

No matter what, faster is better and less is more.

And sometimes, leaner is better too. We found that 70% of pages were over 1MB, 36% over 2MB and 12% over 4MB. That’s enormous for a single mobile page, given that 1.49MB takes seven seconds to load using a fast 3G connection.7 One image, in particular, caught our attention: It weighed a whopping 16MB.

But despite the bad news, there’s plenty of low-hanging fruit. Simply compressing images and text can be a game changer—30% of pages could save more than 250KB that way. Our analysis shows that the automotive, technology, and business and industrial market sectors have the most room for improvement.

If you are suffering from slow mobile speed and bloated site content, you need a professional site analysis.

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Why Does WordPress Power 27% of the Internet?

Why Does WordPress Power 27% Of The Internet?

Why do you think so many users love WordPress? There is a reason it powers 27% of the internet.
First, it is because it’s fully customizable and there are so many great themes and plugins out there to do exactly what your business needs.

This saves you a significant amount of money because don’t have to constantly code a new feature and maintain that feature and the site. Plugins are programmed by programmers around the world. It’s been a gamechanger for websites!

But this all comes with a price!

Too many options can be paralyzing.

There is also a learning curve to WordPress and WooCommerce and Magento and many business owners are hacking code together or spending hours on YouTube watching how-to WordPress videos when they should be pouring their passion and time into big-picture activities to grow their business.

There’s also the problem of finding and getting the reliable help that can get your website changes, fixes, or changes/updates/deletions done whenever you have them. Often these changes cost you every time you make a change. Not to mention the problems that can arise from core software, theme, and plugin updates that occur every two months that need to be carefully managed to make sure your site doesn’t break or get hacked in the future.

That’s why we created WordPress Support. We have seen so many people who had huge potential as entrepreneurs, but they got stuck in the technical details of building and managing their website. Plus, when they did hire help – they often ended up spending way too much.

Our purpose in forming WordPress Support is to end the confusion and wasted money that businesses go through with their websites and provide an excellent cost-contained all-in-one solution for them that is always here for them to get their website how they want it.

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Myths about WordPress Hosting


There are several myths about WordPress hosting you need to be aware of.

Myth 1. The cheaper the hosting the better.
You may think you are getting a bargain but low-priced hosting has one goal: to put you among hundreds or even thousands of other websites on the same server. In other words, to maximize the profit of each server. These servers are too often old-style servers that are a dime a dozen. Thus, the server has to spin to get to the data. And with all the bandwidth and server processors tied to all those other sites, your site performance will never be great. Neither will your security.

Myth 2. They claim to host WordPress but do not use SSD servers. Any host can offer what is popularly called “one-click” WordPress installation. The real test of a great host is if it truly gives you SSD or Solid State Drive hosting. That’s where real speed comes from.

Myth 3. Because they have a big budget to advertise, they must be good. Hosting is a big business. Many hosts spend thousands to keep a regular flow of customers requesting hosting. However, the bigger the hosting company, the less effective is the site performance because of all your IP neighbors. Neither is their support instant. The simply have too many customers waiting to be served.

Myth 4. Because they say they are WORDPRESS hosting only, that makes them better than the others. Not necessarily. Example: WP-Engine.com sells exclusively WordPress hosting. Yet, its GTMETRIX.com speed test shows that it is one of the slowest WordPress hosting groups both in 2016 and 2017.

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